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Obrazy nás provázejí po celý život. Nejen ty přivěšené na zeď, ale také naše vnitřní obrazy - jako jsou například sny přicházející ve spánku. Mohou nám být příjemné, nebo se nám nelíbit, nebo nás dokonce děsit a strašit. Ve svých představách si vytváříme obrazy toho, jak bude vypadat náš život, důležitá životní událost jako například svatba,...



ARTemisia - artstic workshop with children, summer 2021

The coronavirus has had unintended, harmful effects on art by threatening the place of art in our society. The question is: How harmful?

John Galliano


Now creative director of Maison Margiela, John Galliano started his career in London in the late 1980s, straight after graduating from Central Saint Martins. After being appointed head designer of Christian Dior in 1996, Galliano continued to create two collections a year for his namesake brand. They acted in many ways as a laboratory of ideas,...



from a hard childhood lived largely in foster homes , she ascended to the highest of Hollywood heights - a screen icon beyond compare. And then she died young under mysterious circumstances, tragically cementing her legend. The life story of Norma Jeane Baker, the girl who would become Marilyn Monroe, is as thrilling, glamorous and dramatic as...

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