Atelier presents collections of limited series of artwork that combine high artistic value with perfect craftsmanship, joins the traditional craft with modern innovation.

We´ve founded Atelier with project Divine in 2010. It started with spirit, atelier celbrates Art, unigue artstic fabrics and handmade embroidery.

Atelier team believe in Originality, Authenthicity and Ethics.

Divine Art is a design atelier,

our design objects / textile objects and clothing, handpainted decorations  /

tell a story to the observer about the design process, interpretation of cultural history, cultural heritage in context to artist´s feelings

Simona Patricie is an artist, professional costume designer and scenographer

studied fashion design, Magister of Art scenography at Central Saint Martin´s London, UK, she works internationaly / Film, TV, theatre/.

she launched her own brand, DIVINE ART with the mission of designing and creating unique textile pieces of art working with natural methods, dyes and materials.


model and actress Silvia Kal ( Ghoyaś ghosts, Oscarś director Miloš Forman )

singer Tamara Klusová , singer Iva Fruhlingova, model Tereza Srbová

( Eastern Promises director D.Cronenberg )

Atelier love natural materials for us symbolize connection with nature - shape, structure, color, textile. we love storytelling, magic and imagination, life in countryside.

Atelier Divine Art Team,  photography Julien Achard


The Artist / professional designer

Artist statement

" I design and create myself decorative objects - paintings, sculptures ..,. love design dresses, lingerie, Iam inspred by the beauty in nature, universe, modern and historical art, photography, theatre, film, love atmosphere of chateaux´s gardens and poetry. Atelier is place, where I can express feelings without words. "

with love, S.Patricie                                

Atelier Divine Art
Atelier Divine Art

                                       "  Making one piece of artwork during the quarantine Covid 19. "

DIVINE Project author´s exhgibition in Prague, 2013 photography by Julien Achard.