Atelier presents collections of limited series of artwork that combine high artistic value with perfect craftsmanship, joins the traditional craft with modern innovation.

We´ve founded Atelier with project Divine in 2010. It started with spirit, atelier celbrates Art, unigue artstic fabrics and handmade embroidery.

Atelier team believe in Originality, Authenthicity and Ethics,
our design objects / textile objects and clothing, handpainted decorations tell a story to the observer about the design process, interpretation of cultural history, cultural heritage in context to artist´s feelings

Divine Art is a design atelier, the oficial e-shop of artist Simona Krompholc

is comming soon,  the scenographer  oficial web

Paradise  mixedmedia on canvas
Paradise mixedmedia on canvas

                                                                      " I create  one piece of art in a month during the quarantine of COVID 19  "

Working experimentally with mixed media techniques, she explores different levels of perception as she finds her way through each painting. Painter seeks to use art as a language, transmitting mood and emotion to the viewer through her luminous, soft works.

                      Minister of Culture Czech republic, professional artistic project STILL. LIFE     2020 - 2021