Chancellor Metternich and his vision of peace Exhibition in Prague


To mark the 160th anniversary of Metternichś death, the Austrian Cultural Forum in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute organizes an exhibition dedicated to the most important member of the Metternich family, Klemens Wenzel Lothar Paul Alfons Nepomuk, Prince of Metternich - Winneburg -Beilstein - Ochsenhausen. It ties in with the long - term programme of the Czech National Heritage Institute entitled In the Footsteps of Noble Families. Itś aim to research and present the cutural historical heritage of the noble families whose former residences fall under the care of the National Heritage Institute. One of these is the Kynžvart Castle, which is closely related to the Metternich family.

The exhibition presents the life of Austrian ambassador, foreign minister and state chancellor Klemens Metternich, his role as politician and statesman as well as the principles of his diplomatic activity. With his systematic political thinking and diplomatic tenacity, he defeated the Napoleonic despotism and as Austrian chancellor, he successfully contributed to a long-term peace plan by settling critical issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

Source    text by the Austrian Cultural Forum Prg 

National Heritage Institute -   visit Metternichś family residence

                                                 the Knynžvart Castle in Czech Republic