Louis Chiron ( 1899-1979 ) the legend


"Race like Chiron!"  source :  AVC Auto Veteran Company

One of the most famous natives of Monaco, the charming companion, "livestock" of the automaker Bugatti and three-time winner of Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia at the Masaryk Circuit (1931-1933) who by his fast ride originated saying from the title above. During his long life he managed much more. To celebrate Louis Chiron 100 Anniversary Birthday, Bugatti named their supersport model 18/3 Chiron after him.

Louis Alexandre Chiron was born on the 3rd of August 1899 in the Principality of Monaco, but his parents were French - in the future the dual citizenship helped him. During the First World War was for his driving skills transferred from the artillery to position of the personal chauffeur of the French army prominent, Marshal Pétain (during the Second World War, became the head of the collaborationist government in Vichy) and Foché (the First republic today called Vinohradská Třída after Stalinova in Prague, was named after him).