Atelier Divine Art continue in family tradition, Est. 1941


Atelier  Divine Art presents  collections of limited series of artwork that combine high artistic value with perfect CRAFTSMANSHIP joins the traditional craft with modern innovation. 

We´ ve founded Atelier Divine Art  in 2010, the artist followed up on his grandfather's 1941 trademark . It started with spirit, atelier celbrates Art, unigue handmade embroidery, atelier team believe in Originality, Authenthicity, Slowfashion and Ethics.

Ateliér Divine Art
Ateliér Divine Art

Secret of naturel dye Fabrics

colored with natural dyes have a beauty and subtlety all of their own. Throughout history, people have dyed their textiles using common, locally available materials, but scarce dyestuffs that produced brilliant and permanent colors such as the natural invertebrate dyes, Tyrian purple and crimson kermes, became highly prized luxury items in the ancient and medieval world. Plant-based dyes such as woad (Isatis tinctoria), indigo, saffron, and madder were raised commercially and were important trade goods in the economies of Asia, Africa and Europe. Across Asia and Africa and the Americas, patterned fabrics were produced using resist dyeing techniques to control the absorption of color in piece-dyed cloth. / source Magazine Gratia Hereditas